Dear Sir/Madame,


On behalf of the organizers, I cordially invite you to the International Congress "Science in Service of Life" to be held in June 21-22, 2019 in Rzeszów, at the Podkarpackie Philharmonic Hall.

The event will be devoted to the application of current medical achievements in the protection of life. It will be an opportunity to meet professionalists dealing with medical care for mothers and children, local government officials, people of culture, journalists, and finally families - former, present and future patients.

The aim of the Congress is to broaden medical knowledge and improve the approach to the suffering person, integrate faith with the practical implementation of the vocation in the spirit of Christian philosophy and deontology of medical professions, promotion of human dignity and the rights of every human being from the moment of conception to natural death, defense of freedom of conscience of medical professions and patients, spiritual strengthening of the sick and those who take care for the health and lives of others.

The Congress agenda includes three mutually interacting thematic areas: medical knowledge, the implementation of vocation to serve the other person and Christian values and spiritual resources. The lectures were divided into seven thematic sessions and concern, among others: current trends in the diagnosis, infertility treatment and recurrent pregnancy losses, the consequences of the Cesarean section epidemic and the consequences of perinatal development disorders in adult life. A special session will be dedicated to the functioning of disabled people, including caring for
a pregnant woman with disability and perinatal hospices intended for children: terminally ill, disabled, with congenital or genetic defects.

Our Congress is not only two days of intense debate. I also would like to invite you to the biggest concert in Europe in the open air titled: "One Heart, One Spirit", which will be held on  June 20, 2019 in Rzeszów. At the end of our common four days, June 23, we will meet at the March for Life and Family.

I look forward to your positive reception of the invitation.




Władysław Ortyl
Marshal of the Podkarpackie Region




Podkarpackie’s  Philharmonic Hall

Chopina Street 30

Rzeszow, Poland